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Hey dear, 8tracks developer!

This is a wrapper library developed my Markus Weninger.

It was designed to allow you the easy development of .Net projects using the API.

This library offers some big advantages:

-> No need to work with XML / JSON
-> No work with complicated URLs, Streams, network connections etc.
-> Very easy to understand
-> Easy useage "out of the box as it is"

How is this possible? The library takes use of all possibilities the API offers and wrappes all XML objects to .Net objects. All API calls (some with really long and "not nice to read" URLs) are centerd in one communication class. If offer new calls in the future they can be added to this class easily.

No need to work with Streams, XML or JSON, everything is automatically wrapped to .Net objects you can work with.

To learn how to use this library please have a look at the "Documenation" section.

Greets, Markus

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